I’ve wanted to post photos of my progress with losing weight and toning up all my unloved love handles for a while now but just haven’t been keen to show something I’m still not happy with but today I feel great about my body so here. The oldest photo here is the one of myself with Clothes on and where I look super pink haha, and the most recent are the ones with my black underwear on.

I’m proud of the work I’ve been putting in and the result I’m getting. The first time I wanted to lose a heap amount of weight I use diet pills and detoxes which worked but I got lazy and put the weight back on faster then usual, this time it is all natural, healthy eating and exercise, the proper way!

I know don’t have a flat stomach or super thin legs, and I still have flabby arms but my muscle tone and body shape are progressing into the shape I want and that makes me happy. I am stronger than before in my core, and my thighs are less flabby and getting shape to them, I have for the first time in my life have a thigh gap, which is something I’ve always wanted(all from doing squats and lunges and walking up stairs and he occasional run) And my butt is looking so much nicer than before also ;P

Anyways I just wanted to show my happiness through what I was before to what I am now. I’m going to keep working hard and eating right to lose more weight especially in my thighs, so I can be even happier.

Work hard Play hard!

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This dude is in the gym with his kid who is probs 12 or 13 and is introducing him to lifting but DOESNT KNOW ANY PROPER FORM FOR ANY EXERCISE HE’S DOING.

It’s literally my problem in any way but it makes me so…grrrr.

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